Automotive Sector

IMV designs and manufactures brake pistons and pulleys for the automotive sector

The first series productions date back to the 90s.

Nowadays part of the company is dedicated to this sector, with many new products and customers over the years.

Internal mold production

Internal mold production

Customization & fast times

I.M.V. S.p.A. has an internal workshop and tooling department, which enables the production to satisfy any needs of the customer in a short time.


Vertical integration of production

Moreover, I.M.V. S.p.A. has an internal phosphating plant for chemical surface treatment and an oven is on the way to perform heat treatments on raw materials.

macchina di trazione, laboratorio IMV

Internal laboratory

Research & Analysis

Quality is guaranteed through scheduled controls at the various steps of the production process; these controls are linked to batch traceability. Our quality laboratory can perform the following tests on incoming material: shape, dimensions, hardness and microstructure.

Solutions for the Automotive sector

IMV SpA was born as a company specialized in the production of steel articles by cold forging for about 40 years, for various sectors: household appliances, automotive and agricultural.


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