The “Internal Whistleblowing Procedure” is one tool for preventing and correcting acts or facts that may constitute foreseen illicit conduct from regulations, which are harmful of the public interest or the integrity of the private entity, encouraging and protecting the positive behavior of personnel or other legitimate subjects identified by the legislation, who, having become aware of the illegality or the illegitimacy of the actions of another person in the workplace, decide to report confidentially such acts or facts to the relevant bodies.

An effective whistleblowing system represents an important tool for the IMV for constantly respecting the canons of transparency and integrity in its actions and a useful alarm bell that allows the appropriate measures to be adopted.

Reports can be forwarded to the internal alert procedure by employees and by those who in any case operate on the basis of a relationship with the company organisation, even in a form other than an employment relationship, such as:

  • self-employed workers, external workers and collaborators, freelancers and consultants who carry out their work at IMV;
  • paid and unpaid volunteers and interns;
  • shareholders and people with administrative, management, control, supervisory or representative functions;
  • personnel of suppliers external to IMV.

The reports may concern any act or fact that may constitute a violation of law or regulations.

IMV protects the whistleblower “against retaliatory, discriminatory or otherwise unfair conduct resulting from the reporting”, in a climate of respect for the dignity of the whistleblower himself.

Reports can be forwarded in written or oral form through the dedicated IT procedure accessible via the following link:

Or through a direct meeting with the Reports Manager by contacting him on 0039-349-4159526.

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