Enamelled Burner Caps

Production capacity

  • We can meet the needs of batches of the order of several thousand pieces per month or even of hundreds of thousands of pieces;
  • Each burner cap is produced according to the specification of the customer;
  • The thickness of the steel sheet we can work ranges from 1,5 mm to 8 mm.

This is all possible due to the versatility of the structure and of the machines.

Enamelled Burner Caps

Product specifications:

Starting from sheet metal coils, we are able to carry out all the production phases, from the disc/ring blanking to the forging/forming, which can be carried out in one or more steps.For materials with a thickness of 1.5 mm, we produce the plates by bending.

Thanks to our partnership with an enamelling company, we can supply an enamelled product with various finishes (glossy, matt) and colours, according to the customer specifications.

The enamelled pieces respect all the required main characteristics (acid proof, adherence, thermal shock effects and anti-metallization); furthermore, they comply with the European Nickel-Free regulation.

We develop in accordance with our. customers, dedicated colors, controlled with the use of a Spectrophotometer.

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The design and production of burner plates has been IMV’s core business for over 30 years.

IMV SpA was born as a company specialized in the production of steel articles by cold forging for about 40 years, for various sectors: household appliances, automotive and agricultural.


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