About Us
When you choose IMV SpA, we guarantee you the presence of a unique and reliable partner at all times
About Us
When you choose IMV SpA, we guarantee you the presence of a unique and reliable partner at all times
About Us
When you choose IMV SpA, we guarantee you the presence of a unique and reliable partner at all times
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IMV is reliability, flexibility and innovation

With more than 50 years of  metal forming using cold forging technology.

For many years, our company has been providing a partnership solution to the main industries, in particular, to the household appliance and automotive sectors.

The continuous search for innovative solutions allows IMV to offer both competitive and technologically advanced products, maintaining very high quality standards. The entire production process is monitored by software, implemented according to industry 4.0 requirements, and controlled by the best measuring equipment. The recently renovated, in-house test laboratory represents the flagship of the organization.

IMV SpA holds the certifications ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 e IATF 16949.

Our Mission

To become a leader in the field of plate and piston forging

To offer a finished product which has a level of quality that is higher than that of the competition. 

To stand by our customers, and support the principles of respect for both people and the environment.

To become a global supplier with production plants located close to our customers.

Our Vision

Since it was founded in 1967, our company has continuously invested in infrastructure and machinery, and, in particular, in human resources. These aspects have made IMV a reference partner for its customers, who recognize the company’s reliability, flexibility, innovation and openness.

In order to offer a service with ever higher standards, IMV has recently acquired and incorporated into its internal organization, a machining company and an enamelling company.

Our headquarters

  • IMV SpA. The production plant and registered offices are located in Italy in Quero Vas (Belluno), occupying an area of 50,000 square meters, 11,000 square meters of which are covered.
  • IMV Tech Brazil. The operational headquarters in Latin America covers a total area of 1,100 square meters.
  • Essegiemme. With operational headquarters in Verbania, spread over 3.ooo square meters, SGM has collaborated with IMV since its birth in 1999 as the main partner for enamelling operations.
    Today, IMV owns 70% of SGM’s shares.

Evolution of the IMV plant from its foundation to today.

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Sede SGM Verbania


IMV Tech Brazil.

Sede IMV Brasile

The strong integration of the entire production process and the know-how acquired over the years allows IMV SpA to be extremely flexible and competitive on both large orders and small lots.

Production Capacity

The company’s fleet of machines includes eccentric and toggle presses, hydraulic and screw presses, with a force range from 60 to 3,600 tons. In 2018, a mechanical machining department was integrated into the company with the aim of carrying out some machining operations internally, which until then had been delegated to external suppliers.

This now allows us to provide an ever better and more punctual service.

In-house Mould Production

The moulds we use are produced internally thanks to a workshop that uses CNC lathes, 3- and 5-axis machining centres, flat and cylindrical grinding machines, die-sinking and wire EDM machines.

Having full control of these processes allows IMV SpA to make quick changes and improvements.

Internal Quality Department

Another strong point is our in-house test laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, that works in synergy with the production and technical department.

It allows us to guarantee our customers high quality standards and stable results over time.


IMV SpA holds the certificationsIATF 16949 ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.

When you choose IMV SpA, we guarantee you the presence of a unique and reliable partner at all times.

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IMV SpA was born as a company specialized in the production of steel articles by cold forging for about 40 years, for various sectors: household appliances, automotive and agricultural.


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