Brake pistons

Production capacity

  • IMV is able to adapt the forging sequence according to the mechanical characteristics requested by the customer for the piece to be produced. It is possible to use steels ranging from the category CB4FF to C15, while the diameter of the raw material used can vary from a minimum of 20 mm to a maximum of 70 mm.
  • We can meet the needs of batches of the order of several thousand pieces per month or even of hundreds of thousands of pieces. This is possible due to the versatility of the structure and of the machines.

Brake pistons

Product specifications:

pistoni a freno IMV

We manufacture pistons according to customer specifications, also proposing alternative materials that respect the required mechanical characteristics.

The diameter of the final product ranges from 38 mm to 68 mm.

We produce both front pistons (with a cylindrical internal profile) and parking pistons (with a shaped internal profile).

pistoni freno specifiche
Brake raw pistons
assiali pezzo lavorato

IMV has been manufacturing brake pistons for the automotive sector for over 20 years.

IMV SpA was born as a company specialized in the production of steel articles by cold forging for about 40 years, for various sectors: household appliances, automotive and agricultural.


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